One of the skills of the successful is knowing when to skimp and when to follow the old adage “You get what you pay for.”  If you are trying to decide between KRAFT or the house brand at the grocery store, the small risk makes it worth the gamble to try the cheaper product. As the value of the product or service you are considering increases, more you have to lose in chosing to take the less expensive route.
How about when it comes to listing your home? Is it a smart gamble to save the commission that would go to your realtor by marketing your property as “For Sale By Owner?” In most cases, you will end up getting more out of the sale, even after paying the commission fee, by listing your home with a quality agent, and here are a few reasons why:
You may have had success by selling your car through the classifieds, but selling a home is much different.  The real estate market has shifted from print to the web, making it essential to have an aggressive on line marketing campaign. I utilize over twenty different web sites when I market a home, plus as a RE/MAX agent, I am able to give your home top notch local, state and national exposure.

I hire professional photographers with the equipment, experience and knowledge to take the photos that sell houses. To see what I mean, visit my Tour Factory Page, where you can view all the photographs of my currently listed homes.
It is not unusual for people to shop for things that they cannot afford. As an agent, I have already helped my clients determine what homes are in their price range and I only bring qualified buyers to your home. Plus, you will know who has come into your home, which will give you a feeling of security.
I have helped many people buy and sell their homes over the past thirty years. I will evaluate your home without the emotional attachment that might cloud your judgement. With the tools and expertise I possess, I will come up with an excellent asking price for your home.
Contact me today and let’s come up with a plan that will get your house from “listed” to “sold” quickly and at a price that will make you happy.